Congratulations! You're Making Money and paying taxes, but curious if you have been overpaying year after year.

Our streamlined process will make it easy to get to your desired tax reduction and asset protection goals.


This discussion is geared toward fact-finding and forward-thinking! We will determine if there is hidden money to uncover through tax savings and discuss your current business structure.  We also dive deep as we gain an understanding of your present and future goals.  


Let the fun begin!  Our Tax Attorneys begin the research and analysis process.  Your tax strategy is thorough & comprehensive which will assure that you are not only paying your FAIR share of taxes but have optimal asset protection, retirement, and estate planning strategies in place and more.  This plan touches on every aspect of your financial life. 


A written tax plan is presented to the business owner(s). The written plan includes all recommended strategies with corresponding Tax Code sections, relevant Tax Law, and tax savings from each strategy. 


We will prepare all documentation needed to support each tax strategy.  Also, if we recommend an additional business entity, we will form it at no additional cost!  

We also include:

  • Quarterly Sessions 

  • Unlimited Email Communication

  • Audit Protection 

  • TackleTax Membership

can we show you the money?

If You Are A Business Owner With Net Income of At Least $150,000 Then Our No Cost Strategy Session Is For You.


Many business owners believe that during tax time their Tax Preparer or Self-Preparation Tax Software is doing the work needed to lower their tax bill, but the reality is they are limited to how they can capture savings.  This rings true because to optimize tax savings, action steps must be strategically taken yearlong.  Through tax planning that is proactively implemented during the year and before year-end, business owners can effectively allow the tax system to work for them.  Most Tax Preparers only enter the data that reports your financial transactions for the tax year. If there is no proactive tax plan implemented during the year, then it is too late to strategize once the tax year closes. 

Proper Business Structure is a Critical Component.

Proper business structure is critical in maximizing asset protection as well as minimizing state and federal taxes.  However, small closely-held businesses have too often outgrown their original structures or have not adapted to the changing tax laws.  As a result, the business or the business owner is risking business or personal assets and incurring unnecessary taxes. 

Schedule Your Free Strategy Session. If Not, You Could Be Giving Away Hard-Earned Business Profits That You Are Legally Not Required to Give Away.